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Osswald Parfumerie + Luxury Skincare Boutique invited me to their Soho location for the JK7 Pop-Up Spa treatment.  The treatment consists primarily of intense hydration of the skin and promotes anti-aging benefits.   

Going to the spa for a day of rest and relaxation is easier than most may think. It’s one of the few times in our busy schedules where we can actually sit back, relax and let ourselves go.  When a guy gets his first facial, he is one step closer to taking his skin routine to the next level.  Getting facials on a consistent basis ultimately can make you look younger and feel better.  The best part is that others will notice and want to know what you’re doing to keep your skin looking fresh.

After receiving this treatment, I immediately noticed that my complexion was more even and toned. Also, there was a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and my skin felt sufficiently hydrated.  JK7 offers a variety of luxurious natural skin care products fit for any lifestyle.  This is a must-have treatment every guy should experience.

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