Morning Commute – Dove Men+ Care Foaming Body Wash

Living and working in New York City means that you’re always on the go, timing is everything and every day is different.

Dove Men+ Care Foaming Body Wash makes my morning commute that much easier and efficient.  My5to9 morning routine usually starts around 5AM and I go straight to the gym. Once I return home, the countdown begins and almost instantly I am heading back out to the office.

What I love the most about this product is that it doesn’t leave any residue or strip your body’s natural lipid barrier, which can affect cell turnover rate and also dry out your skin. They offer 3 amazing scents (Extra Fresh, Deep Clean and Clean Comfort), which are light, invigorating and will leave your body feeling smooth thereafter. This is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin, whereas other body washes contain harsh ingredients like plastic micro beads that can irritate the skin.

Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Foaming Body Wash
Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort Foaming Body Wash
Dove Men+ Care Deep Clean Foaming Body Wash

It’s really easy to use too! No need for a washcloth or loofah, just apply directly to the body. All it takes is about 5-8 pumps for instant foam depending on how much lather you want to achieve. It rinses off very easy and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, clean and energized.

How do you start your morning?


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