Osswald Parfumerie: Luxury Scents

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Do you like the smell of luxury? The scent you wear sets the tone for the impressions you make throughout your day, These featured scents will keep you covered no matter the climate you’re in. Always be prepared no matter where you go.  Less is always more.

Here are my top 3 picks that will grab everyone’s attention.

Phaedon Tabac Rouge is a perfect scent for the Midwest or anywhere for that matter.

This french, scent provides a warm, masculine edge scent with notes of ginger, vanilla and tobacco.  It’s an improvement on Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Profumum Roma Acqua Viva is an awesome scent for that West Coast vibe.

This italian scent has an unusually high concentration of citrus notes (in this case lemon) that last for hours and hours which is a plus in warmer weather.  Also, it includes a travel atomizer (great for those who do a lot of traveling back and forth!)

Stephane Humbert-Lucas 777 2022 Generation Man is essential for that East Coast feel.

This french fragrance is a perfect transition for (day-to-night/office-to-lounge).  With notes of Yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit that smells like a cross between lime and grapefruit) lending a unique take on citrus. This powdery oud gives a sexy, cozy woody vibe without being overwhelming.

What scents are you wearing this season?

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